Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation (LAAD) is a private investment and development company. LAAD finances and develops private agribusiness projects in Latin America and the Caribbean involving all phases of production, processing, storage, services, technology and marketing in the fields of agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing.

Executive Management

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation, S.A., is a privately owned, for-profit investment and development institution. The Corporation’s financing activities are conducted primarily through LAAD Americas N.V., a wholly-owned bank licensed in Curaçao and operating under the supervision of the Centrale Bank Van Curaçao en Sint Maarten. In addition to the Representation Headquarters in Curaçao (for LAAD Americas N.V.) the Corporation has seventeen regional offices in Latin America, and an administrative office in Coral Gables, Florida. The Corporation’s Executive Management team is the following:


                   Gustavo Martinez Cappetta                        Benjamín Fernández III

                             President/CEO                           Chairman of the Board of Directors


Rafael Cestti


Javier Stacey

Regional Vice President

Oscar Luzuriaga

Regional Vice President

Eduardo Marin

Regional Investment Manager

Juan Carlos Gamboa

Secretary of the Board & VP of Legal Affairs 

Isabel Perez

Vice President Credit Risk

Jose Valle


Viviana Callahan

Director of Human Reasources

Selina Nueman

Senior AML/CFT Compliance Officer